LA Valiant Announce Hiring of Warsi Faraaz "Stoop" Waris to the Coaching Staff

The Los Angeles Valiant have added Warsi Faraaz "Stoop" Waris to the coaching staff.

Under the leadership of Head Coach Moon, Stoop will act as the head coach to the Valiant’s secondary roster. Coach Stoop will oversee the growth of players not currently on the main roster by leading scrims, VOD reviews, and other key areas of player development. Additionally, he will liaise with the entire LA Valiant coaching staff in strategy development and player scouting.

Coach Stoop has been involved in the Overwatch scene since 2016 where he served as a tank player for Team EnvyUS and Fnatic before retiring to focus on coaching. He joins the Valiant after coaching at Mosaic eSports.

"In an esport as recently conceived as the Overwatch League, having acquired someone with a background as both a professional player as well coaching experience is a rarity,” said Mike Schwartz, LA Valiant manager. “Having Stoop brings us the best of both worlds: a coach able to directly apply/relate his experiences to his contemporaries while also mentoring and creating an environment for growth. We are very excited to welcome such a coach to our staff."