Welcome to the Overwatch League

Since Overwatch’s launch in 2016, the entire competitive scene has been building up to the launch of the Overwatch League.

On January 10, 2018, the Los Angeles Valiant will kick off the inaugural season in a match against the San Fransisco Shock. The first season will take place in the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles. Subsequent seasons will see each team adopt home arenas in the cities they represent.

If you haven’t checked out competitive Overwatch yet, or you’ve heard that the matches are tough to follow, now’s the perfect time to give it a shot. Recent changes to the spectator UI make the game is much easier to follow, and the team colors and uniforms means that every battle and scrap is clear and readable.


Overwatch is a 6 v 6 class-based shooter with 26 heroes available to pick from.

Players fit into one of the following roles: Tank, Support, DPS, or Flex. Tank heroes take to the front lines to protect their team. Supports keep everyone alive and in the fight through utility. DPS get the job done by pumping out damage. Flex players swap to whichever role the team needs.

As the meta shifts, different compositions show up in pro play. We’ve seen four DPS rolling on one team, or three tanks and three supports.

Each character has strengths and weaknesses, and every player has their own favorite pick. For instance, the Valiant’s Agilities is known for being one of the dominant Genjis in the game, and how Fate isn’t monkeying around if he locks in his signature Winston.

Switching heroes throughout a match is not only possible but essential to victory, so you’ll often see heroes pop in and out of matches for an extra layer of strategy.


The Los Angeles Valiant may be new, but the organization behind it isn’t. Prior to the launch of the Overwatch League, the Valiant competed under the banner of Immortals.

We kept the core roster together and rounded it out to create an eleven man international roster, with Canadians, Americans, South Koreans, and French players all competing as the Valiant.

As the Overwatch League begins, we’ll be looking to achieve the following:

  • First, but not necessarily foremost, we want to win.
  • We want to create the ultimate fan-first organization. As a first step, we want to invite you guys to join our Discord and follow us on Twitter. We have some awesome stuff in store, and we want #VALLA to feel like a fantastic community.
  • We want to create a sustainable squad that improves with every game, and we want to have a team you love to cheer for.

The Overwatch League preseason kicks off with show matches in December. the fun begins in earnest on January 10th. If you can’t make it to the Blizzard Arena, Valiant staff will be hosting a viewing party in our Discord. This is the start of something huge and we welcome you to the Los Angeles Valiant family.