LA Valiant skyline

Meet the LA Valiant

City of Angels. City of Champions. City of the Valiant. This is LA and we are its newest ambassadors: The Los Angeles Valiant.
The roster is as diverse as the city it represents. Our players embody what it means to be Valiant: fearless, determined, and noble citizens. This is who we are and who we always strive to be. Our commitment is to you: our fans and our city. We pledge an experience unlike any other. We will compete hard to earn your support.
This is LA. We are The Valiant.
로스엔젤레스, 캘리포니아
KSF - Kyle Frandanisa
KSF Kyle Frandanisa
Agilities - Brady Girardi
Agilities Brady Girardi
SPACE - Indy Halpern
SPACE Indy Halpern
Custa - Scott Kennedy
Custa Scott Kennedy
KuKi - 김 대극
KuKi 김 대극
Izayaki - 김 민철
Izayaki 김 민철
Bunny - 채 준혁
Bunny 채 준혁