LA Valiant skyline

Meet the LA Valiant

City of Angels. City of Champions. City of the Valiant. This is LA and we are its newest ambassadors: The Los Angeles Valiant.
The roster is as diverse as the city it represents. Our players embody what it means to be Valiant: fearless, determined, and noble citizens. This is who we are and who we always strive to be. Our commitment is to you: our fans and our city. We pledge an experience unlike any other. We will compete hard to earn your support.
This is LA. We are The Valiant.
Los Angeles, CA
Numlocked - Sebastian Barton
Numlocked Sebastian Barton
Unkoe - Benjamin Chevasson
Unkoe Benjamin Chevasson
Verbo - Stefano Disalvo
Verbo Stefano Disalvo
Agilities - Brady Girardi
Agilities Brady Girardi
Space - Indy Halpern
Space Indy Halpern
Fate - Pan-Seung Koo
Fate Pan-Seung Koo
Envy - Kang-Jae Lee
Envy Kang-Jae Lee
Kariv - Young-Seo Park
Kariv Young-Seo Park
Grimreality - Christopher Schaefer
Grimreality Christopher Schaefer
Soon - Terence Tarlier
Soon Terence Tarlier
Silkthread - Ted Wang
Silkthread Ted Wang